Front garden, Dublin

“I want to re-create my mother’s garden.” How many times has a designer heard that line but in this case the mother had been a gardening journalist. A tall order but what a challenge! Luckily the garden was well-documented so an appropriate planting palette was to hand. However the original garden was the inspiration for this new garden and not just to be directly replicated. This was to be the next generation’s interpretation and response to her mother’s garden, not a shrine to it. A small pond was placed in the centre of pea gravel which was surrounded by beautiful plants wrapping around the entire garden. The colours, textures, movement of the planting in this garden are the essence of it. They change with the seasons always providing colour, structure, flowing lines with the flowers, foliage, berries and seedheads. The owner sits in her wicker chair in the morning sun listening to bees buzzing in the flowers and resting in the pond’s water. Another happy customer.